Monday, 4 August 2014

6 of 40 ... The Start of Phase of Three

The last two weeks has had many progressive steps ... I have gained some additional movement in the leg about another 20 degrees, I have managed to get two shoes on, we have been out for dinner with friends ...

I have been overwhelmed by people and their generosity, from friends dropping in to say Hi or to do the odd job I can't do to my old high school mate Karl taking time off work to drive my car back from Rotorua (a 900 km trip).

Today, marks six weeks since taking the fall which meant it was time to visit the Orthopedic Consultant, starting with a x-ray then a chat, it was also the first time I have looked at the original x-rays. These show how serious the break is and not as simple as I thought and explains the amount of muscle trauma.

Overall we are happy where we are at and going forward over the next six weeks, I start working with my Physio, continue with the massage, I can swim and drive, I will be off work for another six weeks during that time I am to introduce touch weight bearing to my leg for four weeks then the final two weeks up to fifty percent weight bearing.

This is all steps forward and am pretty happy with progress, we are pretty much going to plan!

Cheers Brett

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