Sunday, 20 July 2014

4 of 40 ... 1/10th of the way!

How to manage this rehabilitation?

Well, there is some similarities between this and training for a major event or project managing a construction job!

Both of my Consultants have said 40 weeks before the femur will be back to full strength, as it was before the accident and I can do what I was prior ... running, cycling, mountain biking, skiing, hiking.

40 weeks, hence 4 of 40, today marks the end of the fourth week!

40 weeks is an end date or when the event would be or when I would hand the keys over on the construction job! A point to aim for and allows for a time line to be drawn!

Along the way there will be way points and benchmarks to be set.

Phase One - was the hospital as detailed in my previous blog

Phase Two - started when I got home and will last until the 4th August when I return to hospital for x-rays and a visit to the consultant.

The primary goal during this phase was to settle down into home and create a routine for both myself and Chris, learning what I could do by myself and what I needed help with. To get back into a regular sleep pattern, as sleep is a key factor in allowing the body to repair, unfortunately in hospitals they like to check on you every couple of hours! This has set the foundation of how the next few weeks will go.

Already I/we are seeing progress, it has got easier to get in or out of bed, the same with the car. My confidence has grown with using the crutches ... I think I have passed my Learners Licence!

Physically, I have had the balance of the stitches removed from the leg and the wound has healed well,

 I have been able to cut out the pain killers, I see a small improvement in strength, that I can now lift the lower leg by itself, the swelling has reduced, but is still reasonable around the knee. I can now get a pair of jeans on ... oh something so normal felt great! Flexion of the lower leg is about sixty degrees and needs to improve.

These are all small steps, which create benchmarks to measure future progress against!

Of course there are set back backs and frustrations, but having those benchmarks reinforce the progress which tempers the frustrations

The flexion and confidence of getting around is what I am working on, until the 4th the Phase Three starts ...

All going well, the talk around Phase Three is to introduce some weight bearing to the leg, start some physiotherapy and some form of exercise, and possibly start back at work for a few hours a day with it ramping up.

Meanwhile a big thanks to those who have called in, emailed, texted or phoned ... it means a lot ... THANKS!

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