Sunday, 17 August 2014

8 of 40 ... Progress

The last two weeks has been interesting, progress has been good physically with the leg.

Since seeing the Consultant I have been visiting the Physio, Ryan Clark at Optimal Performance. Ryan has not been afraid to get in and stretch the knee and hip, deep massage the knee, quads and hamstrings. Which has been great I have developed movement in the lower leg from 60 degrees to 100 degrees (from the leg being straight is zero degrees and then bending your knee down and back) the first goal is to get to 120 degrees so I can get onto a stationary bike and start pedaling.

At times it still aches or gets stiff, but that seems to be all part of the process.

In between Physio visits Ryan has prescribed and number of stretching and strengthening exercises and I have started back swimming. Which took a few trips to work out the easiest way to climb in and out of the pool.

Being able to drive now has certainly allowed a bit more freedom and eases the boredom of the four walls at home.

I have to watch how much I do each day and remember that rest is just as important as the exercises. I have tried to do a number of things around the house, but often end up just frustrated, as I can only balance on one leg for so long if I need both hands ... things which you just do each day or week just seem to take for ever or they need to be split over the day e.g. changing the bed, loading or unloading the dishwasher, hanging washing out or bringing it in (it either goes straight into the dryer or onto the clothes horse).

The weekend that Anja comes and stay are great, as she shows her maturity and is proactive in her actions to help her old man out! This last weekend, we spent time learning how she can change the tube and or tyre on her bike ... it won't be long before she is riding quicker than me (which wouldn't be hard at the moment).

Meanwhile, Chris made good use of the sunshine and got in some good training for her next Ironman in December. Priorities: when the sun shines one shall ride!

It has been interesting while being out and about, how many members of the public will actually offer help, which has been really nice!

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