Friday, 4 July 2014

Shit Happens!

Picking from the last blog ... Fatigue creeps up on you, it accumulates! You acclimatize to it, it becomes normal. Some stress is good but you can have to much stress is not healthy. One of the issues was my blood pressure had been steadily rising, well its has dropped about 25-30 points with getting away.

So basically we had eliminated causes by taking some time off, having health checks, recovering from the Brevet was hampered by work stress.

Going forward the goal will be to keep a better balance ...

Monday 23rd June 4 pm

I meet Matt at the Waipa entrance to the Redwoods Mountain Bike Park ... I love this place ... some of the best designed and cared for trails in the world!

Now I hadn't seen Matt for 14 years, so there was a bit of chin wagging to be had, and during that time we had been through some similar experiences some good, some not so!

Initially I was going to have a rest day, but it didn't take much for me to say yes and ride.

We headed out, cruising, chatting, nothing hugely technical ... well within my technical riding ability. We had ridden around a few trails then taken the forest road up to Tokorangi over looking Rotorua, just on twilight, we flicked on our lights and started to head down back to the car maybe twenty minutes away ... down Tokorangi track Matt was ahead of me ... when we came to the start of Turkish Delight ... the track broadened and it  looked like there was two tracks and I could see Matt's lights ahead of me ... I slowed down as I skipped across  some tree roots ... suddenly my front wheel slid sideways of the root and down I went ... right onto the root, rotating as I went ... ending up lying in the foetal position with my left leg on top.

Matt had heard me go down ... now when shit happens like this ... it great to have mates like Matt, Matt's background is similar to mine, many years as an Outdoor Instructor, experience with Search and Rescue and an ex Ski Patroller. Matt soon started to assess the situation, with my thigh misshapen and swelling quickly, we both knew the seriousness of the situation! It was 5.30 pm.

Matt jumped on his trusty stead and rode out to the car, calling 111 for an ambulance advising them of the seriousness of the situation, on the way back a couple of other mountain bikers to help out directing the Paramedics up to us.

Lying there in the dark, on the forest floor, my thigh was spasming, causing the pain levels to shoot through the roof, but as I laid there I thought of the Soldiers who had fought through the World Wars and drew strength on that if they could survive so could I! I was on the edge of a small city with a modern hospital with in it and excellent rescue services on the way here.

It was about 20 odd minutes before Matt was back and was joined by Murray and Malcom who were mountain bikers, 20 minutes later St John Ambulance Paramedics Arthur and Michelle turned up, time 6.20ish.

A full assessment was made, I spoke with Christine on the phone to let her know what shit had gone down! Mean while the Rotorua Fire Service had turned up. The next step was to straighten the leg and splint it ready to be carried out!

Arthur advised me to think pleasant things, as he administrated some Ketermine (aka Special K, aka Horse tranquilliser, which is also hallucinogenic), they did do the straightening and splinting of the leg placing me into the stretcher, meanwhile I emptied my lungs screaming like a Banshee! All I could see and think ... was how pretty all the torch lights were reflecting on the underneath of the tree ferns a kaleidoscope of colour's ... man this shit was good stuff ... talk about tripping out!

The muscle which was brought in to carry me out headed of a trip of about 25 minutes to the ambulance, thanks boys great job,then into town to the Emergency Department at Rotorua Hospital  ... time 8 pm!

A big THANKS to ST JOHNS AMBULANCE, NZ FIRE SERVICE, Matt Bennett, Murray and Malcolm and anyone else who helped out that evening.

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