Monday, 12 January 2015

Six and half months on … Six months ahead

Happy New Year!

So what has been happening during the last seven weeks … well it has had it’s ups and downs!
Progress continued at a slow rate for a few weeks, a little despondent waiting to visit the Consultant mid-December. While being a little nervous waiting to talk to the Consultant as the last conversation was quite frank around rate of the bone was healing and the consequences of it not doing it’s thing properly.

But this conversation had a totally different tone about it! It ended with … “You are properly the wrong person to tell you this … but you can and go and do whatever you want … your strength and endurance will limit you so I am quite safe in saying that!” Just what I wanted to hear … straight off to the Physio c’mon Ryan we have work to do!

Sure enough … Ryan change my rehab program to some serious core workout oh how it hurt!
With two weeks off over Christmas and New Year, we spent it at home catching up on gardening, building my rides up, enjoying the odd glass of wine sitting in the sun! Longest ride 45 kms. Progress is being made and in a really positive way.

I am back at work now trying to find that balance between work and fun … so here are my goals for the next six months

March 28th – the Graperide         101 kilometres road ride – goal to finish

Late June early July to join a couple of Australian friends in a wee jaunt from Cairns to Karumba 708 kilometre’s over seven days.

Otago Rail Trail December 2013
The Ball Room - Fox River - Punakaiki
With that in the back of my mind … it is that time of year where it is Dad and Daughter Adventure Week. Anja and I are heading to the West Coast for five days with a couple of small goals of heading into the hills for Anja’s introductory overnight hikes, which is a bit of a change from what we had planned after last year’s trip, but life would be boring if everything went to plan.

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