Sunday, 23 November 2014

Half Way! 20 of 40!

Wow 20 weeks!

It has been six weeks since I wrote anything, for the most of the time it has been good and positive! With the occasional bit of down time.

Progress has slowed a bit but that was expected ... big gains early then tapering off.

The mobility is nearly the same as my good leg, the strength is way less!

The couple of times were I felt down about it, has been when I have been with a group and they have headed out to do something i.e. a run or ride which I would normally be on. This has been balanced out by remembering that twenty weeks ago I needed two other people to help me out of bed or looking back at my rehab log and seeing the progress!

We went for a x-ray at 18 weeks

You can see the pin which goes down the centre of the femur and the two top screws which hold it in place pointing into the ball of the hip. The green line in the top picture is the line of the break. The bone is slowly knitting together and on the 11th December we will go for another x-ray so should see some progress.

So what have I been up to?

I got back into my kayak! for 30 minutes
I have been for my first road ride! 19 kms 1 hour
I have walked for an hour at a time
I did my first race ... the swim leg of a Half Ironman Triathlon in a team
I have been hunting Giraffes

In between all that I have been back at work full time setting up a new team as we enter the final stage of the EQR Residential Rebuild in Christchurch, which also means I am looking for a new job come 30 April as the Project finishes.

It has been twelve months since we did the second part of the trilogy of rides which make up the Southern Alps Tour. The third part, finished last part completing the 2400 kilometres of riding throughout the South Island.

Heading up Takaka Hill

Riding into The Portage in the Marlborough Sounds

Well done guys!
It was a pleasure to look after you.

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