Sunday, 28 January 2018

2018 ... here we go again!

2018 has rolled around and so has Tour Aotearoa has been two years since we last completed the first edition, somewhere along the way we thought it would be good to sign up for the second edition, so did 600 other riders!

So on Friday the 9th of February we will jump on a plane to Auckland then drive to Cape Reinga to be on the start line at 8 am Saturday.

The cool things about Brevets are they are NOT a race, there are time limits and for TA no faster than 10 days or slower than 30 days, stick to the route, if you leave the route you must rejoin the route where you left it. Because TA is uniquely Kiwi it incorporates Kiwi ideals like being able to drop in and stay with family, it is encouraged to smell the roses along the way, talk to the locals, enjoy the where you are at and with who you are traveling with and who you meet.

For Helen and I we have made the decision only to complete the North Island, partly due to us wanting to save some leave for later in the year when we are building our house and secondly we don't visit the North Island very often so this creates a great opportunity to visit some of the backcountry and out off the beaten track places.

It will still be 1700 kilometres of riding to get home again.

While the same level of anticipation is not there, I am sure it will still be a fantastic adventure, different from 2016. Some things will be the same I am sure of that ... those days when you get on the bike in the morning and you don't want to sit down! The hills will still go up!

Once we start you will be able to follow us on this page tour aotearoa 2018 we take no responsibility for time wasted stalking us or other riders :-)

The Dragon ... my stead for the trip.

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