Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Catching up - October Missions!

Shite! I haven't written anything since August ... talk about being lazy! Although I do have an excuse ... just not a very good one!

After surviving the winter riding with Anja's High School cycle team once a week during July and August, I received notice that the surgeon had a slot where he could remove the two screws from my knee which were bothering me, so in I went for the afternoon and out came the two screws!

Well that laid me low for most of September ... October soon rolled around and fitness was quickly coming back.

Along with redundancy and searching for a new job!

Helen and I headed out onto Banks Peninsula for an overnight excursion, leaving home we rode up over the Port Hills to Lyttelton caught the ferry to Diamond Harbour and meandered our way through Port Levy, Pigeon Bay, the Summit Road camping the night at O'kains Bay.

The following morning we headed back up onto the Summit Road dropping down to Little River and followed the Rail Trial home.

Overall a successful wee trip to test the knee out and fitness. I was a little slow on the up hills but knew that would come with more riding.

Late October brings a long three day weekend ... and we headed up to the Marlborough Sounds to join Gordon and Sharon and Gordie and Jill. Three of them are joing in the fun during febuary and March and are riding the Tour Aotearoa, Gordon will be completing the double as he has already walked Te Araroa Trail!

Day One, we left Havelock and rode through the Queen Charlotte Drive to Anikiwa where we joined the Queen Charlotte track popping out at portage for lunch then following the road around the northen side of Keneperu Sound to Hopewell Lodge ... this is a very special place to come and stay ... peaceful and friendly, great hospitality and pizzas to die for! Not to mention the mussels!

Day Two, we left reluctantly left Hopewell heading out through Crail and Ellie Bays to Monaroa up over the hill back into Keneperu before ending the day at Punga Cove for the night.

Day Three, we left Punga Cove and rode back along the Queen Charlotte track to Anakiwa back along the road to Havelock. Helen and I had decided that we would complete this trip with all our gear for the Tour Aotearoa, which meant we were fully loaded, by the time we got to Te Maihia my leg was giving me enough gip for me to pull the pin. I had found out how much climbing I could do before it became too much. with that in mind I was only going to get stronger from here.

October was rounded out by celebrating my 50th!

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