Sunday, 5 April 2015

Good Buggers

Throughout my life I have meet a lot of different people, but I have only meet a few Bloody Good Buggers
You see, BGB’s are few and far between, they are mates who always have a smile, an ear to listen with, the occasional word … sometimes the word is refreshingly honest … they are always there during the tough times and good times, without judging.

We all know the real BGB … the sandbagger … one who turns up for ride or race saying … “no been too busy to train, haven’t had a chance to get out much this week” … then goes and drops you on the first hill!

We all know the real BGB … the ulterior motive … “Hey you want come over for a BBQ? Oh can you bring your tools and just do this one small job” ... This also worked in reverse too!

We all know the real BGB … the chatterbox … when you are struggling along out of breath on a bike ride, run or hike and BGB is still talking and pushing the pace!

We all know the real BGB … the father … the one who adores his daughters or son, challenging them to enjoy life!

We all know the real BGB … the Family man … always checking in on how the family is doing and helping wherever and whenever he can.

We all know the real BGB … the business man … always having a wise word.

Warwick, Rob and Steve we have shared many adventures, many meals, many hours riding our bikes, paddling our kayaks, spinning yarns, building, laughing, sharing, helping, drinking coffee, beers or whiskies.

Guys, I have appreciated your advice, your support and valued your friendship!

Warwick Martin, Rob Daly and Steve Redden … You’re a Bloody Good Buggers! RIP

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