Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Results ...

It's been 8 weeks since I finished the Kiwi Brevet ... it has been a frustrating eight weeks! As I hinted in my last posting I was struggling to recover, well I headed off to visit the GP.

A chest x-ray and blood tests done ... all clear ... but he wanted me to visit the Cardiologist ...WHOA - WTF!

Off I went, more blood tests, a resting ECG, a Stress ECG and an Echogram ...  a bit of a chat ... only to be told everything is looking good, just to watch my diet as the cholestral levels are on the high side. The Cardiologists thoughts maybe over worked ... yeah no denying that I have a stressful role ... combined with the fatigue, exhaustion from the Brevet ... no real definite answer just some possibilities ... But if I do another one to get blood samples before and after the event!

So after eight weeks of being bloody tired, I have started back on the bike, in the kayak and running ... oh it feels good!

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