Monday, 3 March 2014

Recovery ... yeah right!

Recovery ...Yeah right ! It has been three weeks since I have finished the brevet and during the first week all I wanted to do was eat and sleep, boy did I do a lot of that!

Monday back at work I only managed to survive until 11 am, Tuesday I manage to last all day but the last couple of hours were not productive, Wednesday was only marginally better! By Friday work was productive again ... I am sure the boss was pleased about that!

The physical recovery has not been too bad  ... my hands still tingle a bit, the knuckles joints feel like they are swollen ... their not. My legs were tired the first week, but I wasn't keen for a long hill ride!
The worst thing has been my chest, I have been breathless and the muscles have been tired, really tired. The first few days I would have to stop mid sentence and catch my breath.

I have manage a couple of kayak trips of an hour long each, without too much effort and some short rides on the flat, but by the end of the third day of effort, I have just crashed the next day feeling breathless and a tired chest and often needing to have a wee nanna nap.

Looking forward to actually being able to go for a decent ride! Just need to be patient.

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