Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Officially Entered!

Well, I am fully committed now! The funny thing about the Brevet is there is no entry fee ... but there is always a but ... and this is a good "but". Simon the Organiser just asks that you email him your confirmation to enter and make a donation to one of two organisations. Check out their websites and feel free to support these two worthy causes.

The first is the Canterbury Westcoast Air Rescue Trust http://www.airrescue.co.nz/ a very worthy and busy organisation which I hope I have to never use!

The second is Project Remeka https://www.facebook.com/ProjectRameka a conservation recreation group.

It was a hard choice which I couldn't make so donated to both!

A pretty cool idea for entry fees, considering some years I have paid over a thousand bucks in entries and don't seem to get much in return. There is a real old school adventure feel to this event!

The route is nearly confirmed and there is a Brevette (700 kms) option and there a few changes from the previous two courses - a few refinements which look interesting.

Keep pedaling ... catch you later!


  1. Enjoyed the read Brett. When do you finish college and ramp up the training? We need to hook up some time?

    1. Hey I have finished! well for the year still seven more papers to go! Pretty much riding all I can except the weekend I have Anja which is 12/13 then we are away 20 -24 December with some big missions planned from Boxing day on!